Why Kohl’s

Our promise to our customers is “expect great things.” Every day we set out to deliver on that promise, but how we do it is what differentiates us from our competition and defines who we are as a company. We live by a set of values that ensure we get the job done effectively, efficiently and ethically, while taking care of each other and having fun.

We are idealistic but realistic; we are driven by the greater good rather than personal gain; we like to solve problems rather than talk about them; and we believe in heroes who make above and beyond part of their everyday work. Most of all, we believe that good enough never is. We’re going for great.

We thrive as a team because we know we can deliver greatness better together than alone. Through collaboration and strong partnerships, we can better fulfill our promise to serve our customers, communities and Associates.

We are driven by great success and results — it’s what has taken us from a small-town store to one of the nation’s largest retailers. We expect greatness and reach it by making ethical decisions and working in an environment of loyalty, trust and integrity.

We take a lot of pride in our core values because they help define who we are and how we work — as individual Associates and as a team. Our values guide every decision we make, helping us to deliver great things day after day.

We accomplish great things at Kohl’s every day. We appreciate and recognize our Associates for their contributions, both big and small — it drives us to work harder and make an even greater impact in our jobs and in our communities.