The Case

The Digital Store – Kohl’s of the Future

Kohl’s Leadership has challenged the team to develop and present a proposal for a redesigned in-store experience to attract and engage the millennial customer by integrating digital concepts (mobile, digital tools, advanced technology, etc.) with the physical store and merchandise. 

Things to consider:

  • Technology in the store today
  • Customer Service & Engagement
  • The role of an associate in a digital store

    Your assignment:

  • Create a 90-second teaser video to share your initial concept
         • Upload video to YouTube and send a link of the video to by Friday, March 6th at 1:00pm CST
         • See FAQ page for YouTube Video Instructions

  • Develop a 10-page business plan to educate and convince Kohl’s Senior Leadership 
         •Please include the following in your business plan:

              • SWOT Analysis
              • Projected budget and Return on Investment
              • Describe the role of the store associate and how their role will change with your proposal
              • Describe how you will measure success with the proposed change and what analytics will be used to evaluate the result

         • Email business plan to by Monday, March 23rd at 1:00pm
         • See FAQ page for requirements of business plan

  • Build a 20-minute presentation to influence Kohl’s Leadership on the design and technical aspects of the digital store for the millennial consumer
         (prepare for 5 minutes of Q&A)

    See Competition Rules page for details on how teams will be judged.