Frequently Asked Questions

Q:     Should the business plan be single or double spaced?

A:     Double-spaced


Q:     Does the 10-page limit include appendices?

A:     No, the 10-page limit only applies to the business plan content. Additional pages may be used for a table of contents, appendices, references, etc.


Q:     What will I be reimbursed for?

A:     You will be reimbursed for mileage to the airport, parking, and meals at the airport. Please be sure to keep all receipts to be compensated.


Q:     Where can I find additional information about travel arrangements?

A:     If you have additional questions about your travel arrangements or special requests, please email casecompetition@kohls.com


Q:     How do I upload my teaser video to YouTube?

    A:      1. Go to www.youtube.com

              2. Create an account

              3. Click ‘Upload’ button in the top right of the screen

              4. On the drop-down menu in the center of the screen, choose “Unlisted”

              5. Click on “Select files to upload” in center of the screen, and choose your team’s teaser video to upload.

              6. While video is uploading, update the title of the video to: “Your University> Kohl’s Invitational Teaser Video”

              – Ex. “University of Kentucky Kohl’s Invitational Teaser Video”

              – It may take several minutes to upload your video

              7. Once the video is uploaded, click “Done” at the top of the screen

              8. A link to your video will appear in blue underneath

              9. Send the link to your video to casecompetition@kohls.com by Friday, March 6th at 1:00pm CST

              – In the subject line of the email, please include your university/title of your video