Loss Prevention

Safe. Secure. Efficient.

Loss Prevention is dedicated to preventing losses and promoting a safe working and shopping environment. This team is responsible for controlling loss by maintaining secure and efficient operating procedures in our stores, distribution centers and corporate office.

Position Title Position Focus Location Date Updated
Full-Time Loss Prevention SupervisorLoss PreventionGreer - South Carolina03/28/2017
Part-Time Loss Prevention OfficerLoss PreventionMadison West - Wisconsin03/28/2017
Full-Time Loss Prevention SupervisorLoss PreventionFlowood - Mississippi03/28/2017
Full-Time Loss Prevention SupervisorLoss PreventionBaton Rouge - Louisiana03/28/2017
Part-Time Loss Prevention OfficerLoss PreventionBaton Rouge - Louisiana03/28/2017
Part-Time Loss Prevention OfficerLoss PreventionSan Luis Obispo - California03/28/2017
Full-Time Loss Prevention OfficerLoss PreventionNorth Riverside - Illinois03/27/2017
Full-Time Loss Prevention OfficerLoss PreventionVisalia - California03/27/2017
Full-Time Loss Prevention OfficerLoss PreventionSouth Plainfield - New Jersey03/27/2017
Part Time Loss Prevention Associate (3rd shift)Loss PreventionPatterson DC - California03/27/2017
Full-Time Loss Prevention OfficerLoss PreventionPoint Loomis - Wisconsin03/27/2017
Full-Time Loss Prevention SupervisorLoss PreventionO'Fallon - Missouri03/24/2017
Full-Time Loss Prevention SupervisorLoss PreventionWestampton - New Jersey03/23/2017
Part-Time Loss Prevention OfficerLoss PreventionBensalem - Pennsylvania03/23/2017
Full-Time Loss Prevention OfficerLoss PreventionLinden - New Jersey03/22/2017
Full-Time Loss Prevention SupervisorLoss PreventionDeer Park - New York03/22/2017
Full-Time Loss Prevention OfficerLoss PreventionTorrance - California03/22/2017
Part Time Loss Prevention Associate (Weekday/Evenings)Loss PreventionBlue Springs DC - Missouri03/21/2017
Full-Time Loss Prevention SupervisorLoss PreventionEast Setauket - New York03/21/2017
Part-Time Loss Prevention OfficerLoss PreventionBismarck - North Dakota03/21/2017
Team Leader, ROC OperationsLoss PreventionKohl's Corporate Offices - Wisconsin03/20/2017
Full Time Loss Prevention Assistant SupervisorLoss PreventioneFC Plainfield - Indiana03/20/2017
Part Time Loss Prevention AssociateLoss PreventioneFC Plainfield - Indiana03/20/2017
Part-Time Loss Prevention OfficerLoss PreventionLittle Rock - Arkansas03/20/2017
Full-Time Loss Prevention SupervisorLoss PreventionBerlin - Connecticut03/20/2017
SrMgr,RemoteOps&InvestigationsLoss PreventionKohl's Corporate Offices - Wisconsin03/17/2017
Full-Time Loss Prevention OfficerLoss PreventionPlainfield - Indiana03/17/2017
Full Time Loss Prevention Associate (Friday-Sunday 7pm-7am)Loss PreventioneFC Monroe - Ohio03/17/2017
Part-Time Loss Prevention SupervisorLoss PreventionDefiance - Ohio03/17/2017
Part-Time Loss Prevention OfficerLoss PreventionSeverna Park - Maryland03/17/2017

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