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E-Commerce researches, evaluates and executes new technologies for presenting products, and they are constantly creating new product segments to serve customers with specialized interests. Plus, they get creative thinking up new shopping aids to help make our customers’ online shopping experience fun, easy and personalized.

Position Title Position Focus Location Date Updated
Experience DesignerE-Commerce & InternetKohl's Corporate Offices - Wisconsin02/16/2018
Digital Analytics & Optimization AnalystE-Commerce & InternetKohl's Corporate Offices - Wisconsin02/09/2018
Assistant Manager, Front End ArchitectureE-Commerce & InternetKohl's Corporate Offices - Wisconsin02/07/2018
Senior Design ResearcherE-Commerce & InternetKohl's Corporate Offices - Wisconsin01/31/2018
Manager, Customer Experience Program ManagementE-Commerce & InternetKohl's Digital Center - California01/08/2018