Child Development Center

Educate. Nurture. Build.

Kohl’s Child Development Center strives for excellence in the field of Early Childhood Education. The CDC offers care to the children of Kohl’s Corporate Associates, ages 6 weeks to 6 years with two full-time facilities, an on-site location at the Corporate Office and a near-site facility, with a total capacity of nearly 450 children. During the summer months, we also offer a School-Age Summer Camp for children aged five to 11 years.


The Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive, play-based curriculum which is founded on solid research and theory in the field of early childhood education that aligns with our center philosophy. The Creative Curriculum helps our teachers create a high-quality learning environment that enables every child to become a creative, confident thinker.

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Our centers revolve around a play-based approach that is child-centered and supports the development of the whole child. Our teachers plan intentional, hands-on learning experiences for our children to explore based on specific goals identified for the children. The activities planned are guided by the children’s interests, previous experiences and preferred learning styles to promote a high level of engagement and participation.


The WMELS is a set of standards created by professionals in the field of early childhood education to outline typical child development between the ages of birth and six years. The standards include Health & Phycisal Development, Language Development & Communication and Cognition & General Knowledge. All of our Primary and Support teachers complete an 18 hour training on WMELS.



Position Title Position Focus Location Date Updated
School-age Summer Camp Administrative AssistantChild Care Kohl's Corporate Offices - Wisconsin01/09/2017
Primary Teacher - InfantsChild Care Family Center - Wisconsin01/06/2017
Early Childhood Summer Support TeacherChild Care Family Center - Wisconsin12/21/2016
Early Childhood Teacher - ToddlersChild Care Kohl's Corporate Offices - Wisconsin12/19/2016
School-age Summer Camp Assistant TeacherChild Care Kohl's Corporate Offices - Wisconsin12/18/2016
Camp Specialist-Part TimeChild Care Kohl's Corporate Offices - Wisconsin12/18/2016
Part-Time and Full-Time Early Childhood Support TeacherChild Care Family Center - Wisconsin12/15/2016
Primary Teacher - TwosChild Care Family Center - Wisconsin12/07/2016
Spring Temporary Early Childhood Support TeacherChild Care Family Center - Wisconsin12/07/2016