How We Work

In all that we do and all that we are, Kohl’s strives to embrace the core values that have long defined
our mission. We look toward the future, but remain principled in the past.

Our mission is upheld by these core values that we look for and encourage in all of our Associates.

Hover over each letter to see the corresponding value.

Very Results-Oriented:You maximize your strengths to drive results. You take ownership and deliver measurable success.

Acts with Integrity: You can feel proud of your actions. You are open, honest and treat others the way you want to be treated.

Leverages Teams & Partnerships: You are like a talent scout for your team! You optimize and recognize the talents of the Associates around you.

Uses an Informed Approach: You do your homework before you start a task. You balance information with intuition to achieve success.

Engaged, Prepared & Focused: You have a knack for managing your day so that you invest your time where you’ll get the greatest return.

Strives to Develop Self and Others: You build on your strengths and you help others to build on theirs.