Plan. Precision. Results.

Buying teams at Kohl’s have turned what was once a stand-alone family-owned store into an omni-channel corporation with more than $18 billion in annual sales and 1,150 stores across the nation. The team runs like clockwork. Focusing on regional shopping patterns and customer preferences, it decides how much inventory each store needs. This ensures our ability to stay fully stocked — a key competitive advantage of Kohl’s.

Associates on the team alternate between roles in Buying and Planning & Allocation. This structure helps to drive the business with improved and expanded product offerings. The opportunity for growth and advancement, coupled with an unparalleled corporate culture, gives this team an edge in the retail market.

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Merchandise SpecialistBuyingKohl's Corporate Offices - Wisconsin05/10/2018



Merchandise Presentation


Invite. Motivate. Sell.

Merchandise Presentation is responsible for the interior of every store across the country — from how products are displayed to fixtures and graphics. It’s this team’s job to make sure our stores are attractive and inviting. These components include all the “extras” that add so much visual impact: mannequins, decorative forms, artwork and brand-name lettering. This team also serves as the liaison between the entire organization including our stores, Buying department, Store Environment and Design, and Product Development.

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Create. Communicate. Inspire.

Brand Management

This team makes the Kohl’s brand come alive through direct mail pieces, email, advertising inserts, in-store graphics, social media, broadcast commercials and more. The Creative and Production team also includes our in-house photo studio.

Strategy and Planning

This team crafts the best way to reach our audience by identifying new business opportunities. It also ensures Kohl’s key objectives are met for seasonal campaigns, brand launches, sponsorships, and credit and gift card programs.

Marketing Intelligence

This team develops marketing initiatives and analyzes data to ensure each marketing campaign takes a customer-informed approach.

Operations and Administration

Print Production ensures our marketing materials are cost-effective. Technical Systems provides support for all computers in the Marketing Department. Marketing Administration takes care of department budgeting, planning, reporting and forecasting. Resource Administration also supports the department with planning, training and overall development.

Public and Community Relations

From a new brand launch to the latest business news, this team is the voice of Kohl’s. It also manages our Kohl’s Cares programs.


Loss Prevention


Safe. Secure. Efficient.

Loss Prevention is dedicated to preventing losses and promoting a safe working and shopping environment. This team is responsible for controlling loss by maintaining secure and efficient operating procedures in our stores, distribution centers and corporate office.




Expertise. Network. Delivery.

More than 1 billion units to more than 1,100 stores on time and with world-class efficiency. This is what the Kohl’s Logistics department manages every day.

By working with industry leaders around the world, Kohl’s Logistics team delivers the right product to the right place at the right time. Analytics, preparedness and communication are all essential components of Kohl’s supply chain. Whether shipping products to our stores through our distribution centers or to millions of homes through our e-Fulfillment centers, we rely on attention to detail and effective partnerships.

Key areas of Logistics:

  • International Transportation
  • Domestic Transportation
  • Distribution Centers (DCs)
  • e-Fulfillment Centers (EFCs)
  • Engineering
  • Vendor Services


Human Resources


People. Development. Opportunity.

Kohl’s Human Resources team works diligently to build the futures of our Associates in our stores, distribution centers, corporate headquarters and locations. HR’s goal is to build Kohl’s business through its most valuable resource — its people.




Online. Mobile. Technology.

E-Commerce researches, evaluates and executes new technologies for presenting products, and they are constantly creating new product segments to serve customers with specialized interests. Plus, they get creative thinking up new shopping aids to help make our customers’ online shopping experience fun, easy and personalized.